B2/2 German

Instructor: Mgr. Iva Videla

Course length: 18 x 2 sessions (45 minutes each)

Blended learning (online– and classroom–sessions)

Date: 1st Oktober to 17th December 2020

Classroom sessions: Tuesday & Thursday 

Lesson time: 19:00 – 20:30
Location: Hochtennstraße 30, Schüttdorf / Zell am See

Course aim: independently master various situations in both the public and the private domain, B2 exam–preparation (ÖIF + ÖSD)


Book: Fokus Deutsch Österreich B2, Cornelsen


Course content: being able to express one’s opinion, compose and understand formal letters, grasp complex grammatical structures, and use them, reading multiple different texts both for gist and for detail, exercises and games contribute to a diverse teaching style.

Homework: books in German will be made available to help students immerse themselves in the target language.

Cost: € 375,- including both book and printed material

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