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Here at Sprach(t)raum, we offer language courses for your employees, tailored exactly to their needs. We have years of experience in organizing specially designed courses. With us, your employees will not only improve their language skills, but ultimately broaden their social competences. Our language courses are therefore a great way to encourage a team-building process.

One-to-one sessions for your employees

If needed, we also offer one-to-one sessions for more personal, highly effective training. This allows us to focus on your employee’s needs; your employee can set both pace and expected learning outcome. They will be given the appropriate tools to study independently. Lessons can then be used to practice, enhance, or improve what has been learned.


Iva held a B2 / 1 language course for two BlueChip employees between January and April 2018.


The two participants were only able to report the best about the lesson. Iva held the German lessons with great joy and motivation and the improvement of their language skills followed fast.

Iva teaches passionately and tries to take care of all the students evenly. By doing so she achieves great progress and makes her students eager to learn.


Regarding the organization everything worked perfectly. Therefore I can recommend Iva as a reliable, committed and competent German teacher at any time.

Mag. Marion Eher, Geschäftsführerin BlueChip

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