German Grammar B1+ to C1

Instructor: Iva Videla

Course length: 10 x 2 sessions (45 minutes each)

Date: 30th September to 2nd December 2019

Lesson days: Monday

Lesson time: 16:15 – 17:45
Location: Bundeshandelsakademie Zell am See (Schüttdorf)

Course aim: independently master various situations in both the public and the private domain


Book: Sicher! Übungsgrammatik B1+ bis C1, Hueber Verlag


Course content:

  • present information, discuss, argue, read for gist and for detail, listen to talks with a high

  • density of relevant information

  • prepare for the ÖSD certificate B1, B2, C1

  • students can choose topics that are of particular interest to them, with regard to the ones presented in the chosen course book

Teaching will be based on the ‘flipped classroom’ method. Exercises and games contribute to a diverse teaching style.

Homework: In addition to classroom sessions, students should spend about 2 hours studying independently each week. An appropriate German novel will also be made available in order to help students immerse themselves in the language.

Cost: € 245,- including both book and printed material

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