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One-on-one trainings: German, Pinzgau dialect, English, Spanish, French, Czech, Arabic- A1 to C2

Instructor: upon request

Dates: can be arranged anytime

Lesson days: flexible, upon request

Location: flexible

Course aim:

One-on-one trainings will be tailored to your individual needs.

Course content:

One-on-one trainings allow us to pick you up from where you stand; each training session will be tailored to your language needs and individual aims. You set the pace. Sessions can be arranged anytime, for any level.

Course materials:

Depending on your level, appropriate material will be available.​


Through self-initiative and continuous practice, you will be able to make longlasting progress.

1:1 Packages/price per person

Mini-package: 3 sessions á 45 Minuten  € 240,-

10 sessions (45 minutes each): € 750,-

20 sessions (45 minutes each): € 1.300,-

30 sessions (45 minutes each): € 1.950,-

40 sessions (45 minutes each): € 2.450,-

1:2 Packages/price per person for two learners with the same level 

Mini-package: 3 sessions á 45 Minuten  € 160,-

10 sessions (45 minutes each): € 415,-
sessions (45 minutes each): € 800,-
sessions (45 minutes each):  € 1.155,-

40 sessions (45 minutes each):  € 1.480,-

Get 50% subsidy for your language course!

All language courses at the Sprachtraum language school meet the requirements for funding with the Salzburg Education Cheque.

Next Course:

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