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German and Skiing

Learn German while skiing

… fresh air, powder snow, physical exercise and language! For all winter-sport enthusiasts, this is the ideal option to rid themselves of any concerns or worries, and overcome language barriers.


Experience the ideal blend of concentration and relaxation, while improving your language level. We help you find the right words while skiing or touring.

Available languages: German, English, Spanish, Czech. Additional languages are available upon request.


I first met Iva Videla as a conventional teacher of German. She has a particular focus, or emphasis, on unlocking ones ability to verbally communicate, at which she is excellent, rather than the normal, what for me is an over focus, on the detailed grammar.

Iva’s new idea is to combine the spoken German language with skiing, on a one to one basis. As a skier she is a qualified Austrian ski instructor so there is no need to worry about your safety, and she can indeed help you with your skiing. I found that combining skiing with German resulted in me using the language much more liberally since I became much less self conscious about my limitations. It is only by using the language that one learns, and I would urge you to try Iva’s new approach. It is a big help for me and besides it resulted in much fun and laughter.

Stephen, England

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